Still doing radio! And life updates

It has been a while since I updated this site — like, I had a kid almost a year ago, and oops, haven’t updated this since a bit before then. In the meantime, I won a New York state broadcasting award with a lot of great colleagues for Outstanding Public Affairs Series for WRFI’s The Loneliness Radio Project. For those who heard me talk about my podcast idea for The New Normal a few years ago (which never panned out), this actually started as an episode idea — goes to show you never know when some creative ideas will finally bear fruit.

I’m 7 months pregnant here, nicely hidden by WRFI General Manager Felix Teitelbaum’s arm.

Two months after the picture above, I gave birth to Tomer, my first child. And soon after that, we all moved from Ithaca, NY, to Berkeley, CA, where my husband is a postdoctoral scholar in UC Berkeley’s theoretical high energy particle physics group.

I still report for Public News Service and produce national pieces for them constantly, like these. I’ll admit that since Tomer was born, I’ve had little sleep/time to update this site and social media as much as I would like — or hardly at all.

It’s probably better to stay in touch on Twitter or LinkedIn for the time being. For folks who subscribe to my email updates, you’ve known me for a long time and I really appreciate your ongoing support. Hope everyone’s able to stay relatively healthy/safe/sane amidst COVID-19.

2 thoughts on “Still doing radio! And life updates

  1. Back in Bay, eh? Welcome back! Belated Congrats on the birth of your son. Check up on Alliance for Girls, BTW. Doing great. You had a hand in its creation.

    Mark Gunther (415) 515-4733 Sent from my iPhone


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