Working at WRFI

I’m happy to announce that I’m currently working as the interim news director at WRFI, Ithaca’s community radio station. This is exciting, particularly since I got my start in radio by volunteering for the news team, where I have contributed to WRFI News at 6 and am currently a Friday host for Your Morning (from 7-8 a.m.). The station has been a home for me since I moved to Ithaca in the fall of 2016, and I hope I’ll be able to expand it so that more people from all walks of life can be part of WRFI.


Here are a few of my favorite pieces I’ve done at WRFI (in reverse chronological order):

Talking to Tracy Mitrano, winner of New York’s 23rd district’s Democratic congressional primary

The House of Merlot, Ithaca’s main drag night, talks about drag in the LGBTQ community and the death of Josie Berrios

Joe Margulies, Abu Zubaydah’s lawyer, talks about Gina Haspel and fighting against torture post-9/11

Kathleen Weldon from the Roper Center at Cornell discusses public opinion data on gun violence

Aidan Quigley discusses reporting on allegations against IC President Shirley Collado for sexual abuse

She organizes people’s homes and sells their stuff online. It’s beyond a gig – it’s like social work

Tompkins County votes to join county-based suit against big pharma for the opioid crisis

Community members share personal struggles with the opioid epidemic at Ithaca College harm reduction panel

That’s it for now! Thanks everyone for your support over the years.

4 thoughts on “Working at WRFI

    • Hi Mark! Congrats on your book! I would love to read it. But, I’m afraid I don’t do book reviews. If you would like me to ask journalist colleagues if they know someone who could be good for you, I can do so. I’m unfortunately not well connected in the book review world. Best of luck!

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