885788_10105134625730693_7327601517336630693_o I am a radio and print journalist based in Berkeley, CA, currently working as a national producer for Public News Service. Before that, I was the news director at WRFI, a lovely community radio station in Ithaca, NY, and prior to that, I was a print journalist in Israel. I’ve covered basically everything: technology, local government, health, social issues, peace and justice, cultural topics, etc. My pieces have been published in the Atlantic, Business Insider, NPR News, NPR member station WSKG, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Next Web, the Jerusalem PostMic (formerly known as PolicyMic), the Times of Israel, GeektimeAlterNet, the Oakland Tribune, Walla! News, and the Jewish Exponent. I have also been quoted in the BBC.

Until early 2017, I was the managing editor at Geektime. I am also a former editor at Mic and the Jerusalem Post. In March 2017, I decided to shift into a consultant role at Geektime so I could have time to pursue radio journalism and create a podcast pilot.

As Geektime’s managing editor, I oversaw the editorial team of Geektime.com, Israel’s leading technology news site and one of the largest tech publications outside the United States, and launched Geektime’s U.S. branch out of New York. In my time as managing editor, Geektime’s recurring readership base tripled, average time on page quadrupled, and reporting and contributing staff greatly expanded.

How I became a journalist

In 2010, my world changed when I met my now husband on a 10-day trip to Israel. Several months afterwards, I left my job as a social worker in San Francisco and moved to Israel with two suitcases, a hope for love, and a dream to become a journalist. I had always been passionate about writing and thought that moving to Israel could be my chance to enter the world of journalism: Israel’s always in the news, right?

Thankfully that was true. At first I interned for the Jerusalem Post and within several months, I was hired to become an editor, and managed interns myself. During my three years at the Jerusalem Post, I was the editor of several monthly magazines and the proofreader of the Jerusalem Post Lite. All the while, I learned Hebrew from scratch: I now speak fluently.

Between the Post and Geektime, I served as a remote copy editor at Mic (then called PolicyMic). Among other pieces, I wrote about women in the Arab tech world and Israeli reactions to Operation Protective Edge. Throughout my time in Israel, I also freelanced for a number of startups and nonprofits, including Fiverr, Tok, and Turning Heads.

Before Israel, I received a BA and MSW (both with honors) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I still sometimes use those skills.

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