885788_10105134625730693_7327601517336630693_oSince May 2021, I have been a podcast producer at Foreign Policy, a job I’m lucky to have. I produce shows like the economics podcast Ones and Tooze, the Negotiators, the Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women (which was featured on Apple’s New & Noteworthy), and the hit show I Spy.

Before FP, I was as a national reporter and host for Public News Service and the news director of WRFI, a lovely community radio station in Ithaca, NY. From 2010-2016, I was a print journalist in Israel, working at the Jerusalem Post, Mic, and Geektime. My pieces have been published in Radiolab, the Atlantic, Business Insider, NPR News, NPR member station WSKG, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Next Web, the Jerusalem PostMic (formerly known as PolicyMic), the Times of Israel, and Geektime.

Before Israel, I received a BA and MSW (both with honors) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I still sometimes use those skills.

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