I’m on Radiolab!

A dream of mine came true today: I co-reported the latest Radiolab episode! It’s on COVID vaccine trials — specifically, about a controversial technique called a human challenge trial, in which human subjects are intentionally infected with the virus. This could speed up the process for next generation vaccine candidates. Senior correspondent Molly Webster gets the lowdown from me, and then tracks down some of the tens of thousands of people who have volunteered to participate in a challenge trial.

There are many people I need to thank for getting me here. First, Jonathan Miller, who I met at WRFI Community Radio when I was just beginning to pivot into radio. He took me under his wing and has continued to be a trusted mentor. Without his belief in me and edits of my pitch to Radiolab, I would have never reported this episode. So, a huge thank you to Jon!I am also grateful to work at Public News Service, which gives me the creative freedom to report pieces like my original coverage on human challenge trials. Thank you to the whole PNS team, including Senior Editor Chris Thomas, who edited my first piece on this, and PNS Founder Lark Corbeil, who’s believed in me.

Also big shoutouts to UnionDocs Podcast School, where I first met Molly Webster, and 1Day Sooner‘s Abie Rohrig and Josh Morrison, who graciously partnered with me for the PNS and Radiolab pieces.

And, last but not least, thank you to the unsung heroes who make my family life work with my 1-year-old son: Zahava Cherques and my parents Tom Rosbrow and Patricia Rosbrow. And of course, my husband Ofri Telem, who’s been there through many ups, downs, and hundreds of rejections till this moment. I love you.

It has been a weird, challenging year, but am extremely thankful this is finally getting out into the world. Happy holidays everyone!

3 thoughts on “I’m on Radiolab!

  1. Dear Laura, So Proud of You!!!!! Shalom’s idea worked out but not in the time frame he imagined. Wonderful work you are doing. Love, UK

    Dr. Kenneth I. Reich President Emeritus, Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Institute of New England. http://www.pcfine.org Lecturer in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School 1105 Massachusetts Ave. Suite 3F Cambridge, Ma. 02138 617 492 0280


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