Hibernating and studying

Hi everyone,

I’m taking a break from writing for the time being to concentrate on becoming fluent in Hebrew. Since I came to Israel 16 months ago, I’ve been busy advancing two goals professionally: writing and learning Hebrew. However, I’ve been spending more time on the former than the latter. This made some sense, especially in the beginning, because I was entering journalism and needed to develop my portfolio in order to gain credibility. But now that I’ve written a number of pieces that I’m proud of, I need to face the music and study. Otherwise I won’t advance here professionally, or frankly, personally.

What learning Hebrew has looked like thus far. (Courtesy of Moriza at Creative Commons)

What learning Hebrew will hopefully look like (Courtesy of Brewbooks at Creative Commons)

What this also means is that when I start writing again, I’ll be able to do much more because I’ll be able to interview in Hebrew, which will open a whole lot of doors. So, stay tuned. In the mean time, I’ll write sporadic personal updates, but nothing professional for a while.

Hope you’re all doing well.


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