Help me redesign my website!


Hi readers,

I decided to pay a little extra at WordPress to upgrade the blog. First, the domain now is instead of So that’ll be easier to remember.

The other big thing is that I can customize the appearance. I have been thinking for a while about creating a static front page instead of a “bloggy” front page with all my recent posts.

So, I’ll give two options. One is how the website looks currently:

Option 1: Bloggy front page

Laura Rosbrow's front page

Or a more static front page. Say, like my friend Gil Shefler‘s website:

Option 2: Static front page

Gil Shefler's home page

Which option do you prefer? I’d really appreciate your input!!

Website’s got a brand new bag


Or, more specifically, design. What do you think? You like it? Don’t like it? Think it could be improved in some way? Think it rules? Whatever the case may be, I’d love your feedback.

The idea is that I wanted the website to look a bit cleaner, more professional, and less “bloggy.” This is why I chose this theme so that the pages “about me” were more prominent. I also added an additional page at the top called “Professional Services” to direct more people to my technical writing services. You think the website is conveying this concept effectively? Let me know what you think. Thanks.