Photos and social media

I suppose this should come as no surprise, but images seem to be way more popular on social media than text. Whenever I post a photo of somewhere I’ve been, or just a photo of an article I’ve written, I get a whole lot more “likes” than my regular, text-oriented posts.

For example I posted this photo, and it got a whole bunch of likes. It was just three words: “Old City spice.” I saw this impressive castle of spices while walking through the old city in Jerusalem and took a photo of it:

2013-04-13 14.42.03


Photos help make a message shorter: as they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. So photos greatly aid social media because people like messages that are easy to absorb within the status update itself. If someone can understand something and like something within one or two sentences, that’ll produce way more likes than a lengthier post, or a post that links to content the reader must consume. This is why social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have become so popular.

I’m going to admit that I’m not great with social media. Does anyone have tips for how to maximize social media’s impact, especially for those of us who are writers?

1 thought on “Photos and social media

  1. Images are content. This means that adding one photo to your blog posting or putting an image alongside one of your views is not enough. Real picture content, that is going to shared between your potential clients and customers, means creating fully realized picture pages. The sort of web pages that used to be called galleries – each picture is an opportunity for your readers to click and share your content. If you aren’t the Huffington Post, or even Copyblogger, the chances of people sharing text on its own are low. Images, however, trigger the social signals within any reader, and you may find that links to and from your site grow exponentially when you start introducing an image sharing strategy.

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