Churning it out… Any ideas?

Well, so far I’ve been one of those writers that sits and stews on pieces for a while, and then all of a sudden, I post several articles within a short period of time. Unfortunately, this does not bode so well for regular blogging…

One of my editors told me recently that in order to stay on the Jpost blog site (especially because they’re looking to cut the bloggers down substantially), I’ll need to start writing once a week. He wanted me to stay, but cautioned me that I’d have to post more frequently. Eeck! It that was a kick in the butt to pump up my game. Which I’m trying to do.

This means that my approach to blogging will have to change. Instead of writing longer posts and posting less frequently, which is what I have been doing, I will have to write shorter posts but post more frequently. This means I will either describe short, clear stories, or spread out a piece over several posts.

Which leads me to ask you, my loyal readers, some valuable questions: If I could write about anything about Israel, what would most interest you? Which posts of mine have you liked more, and would like to see more of? Any and all ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

Courtesy of lovelihood at Creative Commons

2 thoughts on “Churning it out… Any ideas?

  1. I like everything you post /think about because -big or small- all your observations comment about different ways our two countries ( Israel and the United States) approach thinking. That allows my ideas to deepen about why certain things are important or not.

    BTW, there was an interesting editorial in the New York Times today( friday Jan.20) by Dov Linzer, an Orthodox rabbi in the Bronx, about the Talmud and taking responsibility for one’s own sexual feelings vs. blaming women’s modesty ( or lack thereof according to some Orthodox men in Israel as reported in one of your great blogs) .

  2. I like the cross cultural pieces, especially around grief and mourning. And the postings on holocaust related issues. But as it’s your blog, you should probably follow your own instincts.

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